Event Reports

One day workshop on Indian knowledge System (IKS)(2024-02-01)

Climate change and the problem of displacement(2023-11-21)

Workshop on Behaviour Remodelling(2023-11-02)

Symposium:Punor Nirman saili aru akhamiya upanyakh(2023-08-24)

Librarians’ Day, 2023 Celebration & Book Release.(2023-08-12)

Diksharambha-2023 (An induction programme)(2023-08-07)

Celebration of Foundation Day 2023(2023-07-04)

Awareness Programme on Preparation of SSR(2023-06-17)


Celebration of world Environment Day(2023-06-05)

One day workshop on handling Adolescent Behaviour(2023-05-12)

An Awareness Programme for Women on Health Safety(2023-05-11)

An interactive session with Vice-Chancellor of G.U(2023-04-28)

Training programme on office management(2023-04-28)

Snake Bite Awareness Program-MoU Sarathi Hospital(2023-04-27)

TheBrokenPlanet: Promises and Possibilities of G20(2023-04-05)

Mental health for teenagers(2023-03-31)

Students' Day Celebration (2023)(2023-03-31)

Workshop on NEP 2020(2023-03-20)

Workshop on Basic Science under MoU with MNC(2023-02-28)

30thAnnual Conference of Indian Art History Congre(2023-01-07)

ERP software(2022-12-15)

Awareness on Snake Bite, 22nd September, 2022(2022-09-22)

Counselling on Career Planning and Decision Making(2022-08-20)

e-governance cum e-learning(2022-08-17)

ScreeningTest & Interactive Session (CDS and NDA)(2022-04-30)

Workshop-Food processing as an entrepreneurship(2022-04-05)

Hand-holding Programme with Brass Metal Artisans(2022-03-15)

FDP on Research Methodology & Classroom Management(2021-12-20)

Foundation Day 4th July, 2021(2021-12-15)

Report on Librarians' Day Celebration on 12 August(2021-12-15)

One day workshop on SWAYAM Moocks E- Content, 30th(2021-12-15)

World Science Day, 10th November, 2021(2021-12-15)

World Philosophy Day, 18th November, 2021(2021-12-15)

Report on FDP 21 June 2021(2021-09-20)

Report on IPR Workshop, 19-04-2021(2021-09-03)

Report on Webinar, 10-06-2020(2021-09-03)

FDP on Behavioral Remodeling & Use of ICT Tools(2018-11-26)

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